night watchman of Partenkirchen

When the sun is setting behind the mountains and the shadows in the valley stretch ever longer  the time comes when you can meet up with Anna  the „night watchmann of Partenkirchen“    to do her nightly round in historical Partenkirchen.

Anna a real life person from the 19 th. century  was entrusted with the task of lightning the lamps from her aging father. 

Marie-Luise Bergler enjoys bringing history to life in Partenkirchen  when out on one of her guided tours  she slips into a loden coat  and thus into the rule of a night watchman. She carries not only the lantern  typical of her guilde  but also a horn and a halberd  a medieval pole weapon.Together with her guets she roams the dark alleys of Partenkirchen to make sure everthing`s all right in the shadows. An atmosphere of mystery and suspense is all but assured  when she takes people on this journey into the neenteenth century. The night watchmann used to keep an eye on the town`s inhabitans  including famous artists and noble visitors  who lived here in times long past. He would light the street lamps  and ensure saftey in the alloways. He also used his signal horn to warn of catastrophes  such as floods and  desastrous town fire.  Unlike in other areas  where night watchman had a poor reputation  the profession was respected in Partenkirchen  and descendants of the original night watchman still live here today.  

Marie Luise guided tour starts out from the Ludwigstrasse 73, every Saturday at 9 pm  (8 pm in winter)  Nov.  Dec.  Jan. winter break 

Registration for groups and other celebrations


82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Ludwigstraße 73, under the arcades


every Saturday 8pm
June/July/Aug.: 9 pm
no tour in Nov/Dec/Jan


approx. 1 hour


adults 12 EUR, seniors 10 EUR, children free of charge
groups and other celebrations


+49(0)160 922 987 25