night watchman of Partenkirchen

When the sun is setting behind the mountains and the shadows in the valley stretch ever longer  the time comes when you can meet up with Anna  the „night watchmann of Partenkirchen“    to do her nightly round in historical Partenkirchen.

Anna a real life person from the 19 th. century  was entrusted with the task of lightning the lamps from her aging father. 

Marie-Luise Bergler enjoys bringing history to life in Partenkirchen  when out on one of her guided tours  she slips into a loden coat  and thus into the rule of a night watchman. She carries not only the lantern  typical of her guilde  but also a horn and a halberd  a medieval pole weapon.Together with her guets she roams the dark alleys of Partenkirchen to make sure everthing`s all right in the shadows. An atmosphere of mystery and suspense is all but assured  when she takes people on this journey into the neenteenth century. The night watchmann used to keep an eye on the town`s inhabitans  including famous artists and noble visitors  who lived here in times long past. He would light the street lamps  and ensure saftey in the alloways. He also used his signal horn to warn of catastrophes  such as floods and  desastrous town fire.  Unlike in other areas  where night watchman had a poor reputation  the profession was respected in Partenkirchen  and descendants of the original night watchman still live here today.  

Marie Luise guided tour starts out from the Ludwigstrasse 73, every Saturday at 9 pm  (8 pm in winter)  Nov.  Dec.  Jan. winter break 

Registration for groups and other celebrations


82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Ludwigstraße 73, under the arcades


every Saturday 8pm
June/July/Aug.: 9 pm
no tour in Nov/Dec/Jan


approx. 1 hour


adults 14,00 EUR, seniors 12,00 EUR
children up to  age 14 no charge
age  15 through  age 18 -   8,00 EUR
groups and other celebrations
paying customer minimum 8 persons


booking and further information call +(0)160 922 987 25


With "Anna" nightwatchman/women and lamplighter  on a historical excursion  through old Partenkirchen. Interesting,  entertaining and mystical stories for surprises.  The dark alleyways cause  some unexpected  encounters. After  a "liquid" to overcome the moment of fritening we continue our tour.

Includet: costumed sketch and libation from the Ettal monastery destillery. . . . .


0-10 persons 185,00 EUR
each edition person 16,00 EUR

maximum 28 particepants


booking and further information call +(0)160 922 987 25

FASCHING, A Personal Experience

The sky is deep blue, as the silky air enriches the smell of natures first signs that spring is on its way. Winters icy toppings will soon thaw, making it all so clear that the Fasching time is here.

As a small girl growing up in the Bavarian Alps, the phenomena of Faschings historical and cultural implications was not so important, but would grow with time.
It was the excitement of finally being able to put on that fairytale costume of Little Red Riding Hood, or dress up like a Princess proud to wear her beautiful little sparkling crown of gold or silver, adding the perfect touch. The boys would dress up like Cowboys and Indians, and some would dress like Pirates, wearing a black patch over one of their eyes. The Fasching begins with "unsinniger Donnerstag", otherwise know as "Foolish Thursday".

Schnellenrüher begin the procession by dancing methodically through town, illuminating an eerie impression. Dressed in facial masks made of wood and with giant cowbells tied to their hips, they bounce slowly from one leg to the other, making a confusing kind of musical uproar. Ceremonial dancers with garland wreaths swung above their head, follow closely and carefully behind, all stopping at each pub or bar along the way, to quench the nature of their thirst, as children keep a respectful distance behind. On the next day, "Rußigen Freitag" (Smut Friday), one sincerely needs to keep a watchful eye. Everyone carries a stash of soot around in a can of shoe polish, and if you are not careful, you can end up with a good smear of it on your face.

Saturday is the day of the Fasching Ball. Clubs and Organizations have a variety of different themes or motives for their specific ball. These ballrooms are superbly decorated with several types of balloons and thick garlands, carefully hung from ceiling lamps in a sequential manner that adds a special flair to the overall festive environment. Above the ceiling lamps hang illuminated stars and painted moon faces of papermäche. In one of the corners of the room a portable bar is erected, usually resembling that of an African Hut with a sign attached that reads, "The Junglebar".

Wow, here they all come: pirates, thieves, bandits, wizards, housemaids and butlers, then all of the sudden appears a fragile Chinese woman that seems to come from nowhere. Close behind comes a couple of pretty dames from Holland with braids of gold, clicking along in their wooden shoes. A Sheik gracefully enters as his harem trails close at hand. Out of the blue comes a group of clowns, a couple of ghosts, and a bear tamer with his bear. Now here come a couple of giants, followed by gypsies and a pair midgets, even an astronaut enters in his suit of silver that seems to electrify the blue haze that enlightens the atmosphere. The band plays song after song without a break, and the dance floor is filled to its capacity. Its off to the bar for a breath of air as the excitement escalates. Eyes that sparkle penetrate the festive air from behind costumes unimaginable. From beneath the mask of a nearby onlooker comes a roarful laugh, then a compliment that follows. You can't recognize who it is, but they tell you that they have known you for years and have always admired you.

Sometime early in the morning when the music stops, offers the perfect opportunity to invite someone with home for a conversation and a bite to eat. On Sunday is the big Faschings parade. After a long hard week of preparation, its finally time to show off the parade wagons and procession theme floats that represent local, municipal and state politics, relevant to current events, and of historical pertinence to that region. In-between is a mixture of various bands playing music and a variety of costumed participants, dressed in masks and anything else that could be found in the families Faschings chest, that exists in each and every household. Spectators look on with joy and pride, and occasionally intermix with the festivities.

On "Rosenmontag" (the last Monday ornival that proceeds Ash Wednesday), the celebration continues. Those individuals that haven't had the chance to celebrate are able to seize their last opportunity. The party continues into the wee hours of the next morning with song and dance. (Most people consume at least two days of vacation time in order to enjoy Fasching to its fullest, enabling them to also celebrate Fashingsdienstag (Fasching Tuesday). Those who are unfortunate enough to have to work on Fashing Tuesday, show up for work dressed in costume. Normally recognizable as the local bus drivers, or that smiling sales lady at the bakery, not to forget your favorite sales clerk at the supermarket, blend in a special way on this day of celebration. Each and everyone of them are wearing a special smile on their face, because all of them know that they will have the afternoon off as the celebration continues! With almost the entire town closed down for the day, its off to the local ski slopes.

Many just stop and stare in amazement as one costumed character after another speed past, representing everything imaginable, from Cinderella to Godzilla. Non-skiers sit in restaurant chalets located on the slopes and enjoy local cuisine, and a great cup of coffee, not to mention a Faschings pastry. Probably the most spectacular event of the day will be the women's ski jumps in the Olympic Stadium.

Oh well, just when things seem to be at best, everything comes to an end. Tuesday night at midnight Fasching comes to an end. The music stops, the lights come on, and Costumes are returned to the family Fasching chest, but what a great time it was!

On Ash Wednesday, quietness takes over and the fasting time begins, with the traditional meal of fish, and thoughts of the return of next years Fasching time.